Ben Vince


Ben Vince is a striking composer and performer, known for his live improvised saxophone explorations, and inventive techniques in creating new rhythms, textures, space, and moods. Through sonic recordings, sound manipulation, reprocessing and looping, whether in the studio or on the stage, his spontaneous yet intuitive approach and collaborative nature surpasses the seeming limitations of his primary instrument. He frequently participates with label and club-night Nonclassical, and is a prominent player among select London artists: performance artist Mollusc, and the enigmatic Coby Sey, and recently became established as the fifth member of post-punk band Housewives. Alongside studio collaborations with electronic artist Joy O, experimental pop artist Micachu aka Mica Levi, and percussionist Rupert Clervaux. Able to listen intently and be receptive to his collaborators and the energy of his performance spaces, Ben is an exceptional artist and exemplary of a new wave of musicians rising in London.


Housewives / Micachu aka Mica Levi / Coby Sey / Rupert Clervaux / Joy O / Valentina Magaletti / Roger Robinson / Lucinda Chua / Mollusc / Jacob Samuel / Merlin Nova / Valentina Magaletti / Cam Deas / Bianca Scout