Coby Sey


Coby Sey's distinguished presence in London has elicited a bold impression of his compositions and performances, to much the attention of acclaimed artists and collaborators Tirzah, Kwes, DELS, Dean Blunt, and Klein. A vocalist, musician and DJ, his music is reflective of his vast spectrum of influences, yet he remains undeniably uniquely himself; experimenting with sample-based productions, live instrumentation, dubbed out hip-hop and post-punk, touching his electronic sounds with introspective lyrics. His collective Curl, founded with Mica Levi and Brother May, has a natural genius to “do things a bit differently”, offering an open-door approach to sharing and making music, welcoming a cohort of talent on their label releases and performances.


DELS / Klein / Hejira / Mount Kimbie / Mica Levi / Tirzah / Maxwell Owin