Haich Ber Na


Self-taught London based producer and musician Haich Ber Na is the director of his beautiful yet awkward universe. Adding his own broken vocals over oscillating experimental electronic cuts, Haich Ber Na fuses the sounds of indie-pop, soul and grime. Touching on introspective and self-reflective topics, is 6 track debut EP ‘Unbalanced’. Continuing in the same vein, his latest release, the EP ‘Everywhere’s Home’ further solidifies his position as a true inventor. His effortless musical rebellion and self directed visuals have gained Haich Ber Na acclaim on platforms such as i-D, DUMMY, The Face, Boiler Room and more. He is establishing himself as an all encompassing artist set on pushing the boundaries.
Haich has worked with new and established artists. He has also produced compositions separate from his signature style, for a number of commercial and contemporary projects.


Elheist / MTMBO / Alxndr London / Kakou